Part of Me by Elias Polymeneas

My name is Elias Polymeneas. I was born abroad, in Australia, but I grew up in Kardamyli. After rendering national service at the Greek army, I went abroad again. Recently, I returned to Kardamyli for Kardamyli is my true home.


I write poetry in Greek and in English. To date, I have published seven books. My poetry is inspired by Greek and international philosophy. All my collections of poems are dedicated to all children, as well as to our daughter, Antonia.

My poems are always inspired by my fellow humans. There is no single poem I am particularly fond of: it is impossible for me to separate one poem from all the others. All are part of me. The appreciation for my work is the same that I receive through sparkling eyes, over and over again, and it this is: “Thank you for assisting us in rediscovering many forgotten qualities.”

[Like Bridges, page 12, untitled]
A poem by Elias Polymeneas

Let us obey the shy plant.

For we are times unpleasant and loud
in front of its peaceful