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Getting Here Travel Tips

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  • Routes

  • There are a number of ways to arrive here: you can come by car, board a ferry, catch a flight, take a bus or intercity coach—even cruise to the Mani.

  • Flights

  • Direct flights are scheduled from 24 major cities in 10 different European countries, from the beginning of March to the end of October.

  • Ferries

  • Ferries are generally the most authentic and inexpensive way to visit Greece: they are comfortable and fast if flying makes you uneasy, and fun if you enjoy opportunities to world-watch.

  • Coaches

  • Long-distance buses in Greece are generally excellent, so if you’re considering getting an intercity coach to the Mani, rest assured that your journey will be totally stress-free.

  • Taxis

  • Because they are, in comparison with the rest of Europe, relatively inexpensive, taxis in Greece are an integral part of daily life.

  • Buses

  • It’s quite safe to bike, hike, or hitch rides from place to place in the Mani, but for forays further afield you’ll find it easy and inexpensive to use local public transport.