Shops in Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

How to spend it

There are many beautiful things to buy in Greece.


Kardamili main street features an array of fascinating boutiques, and the village has three well-stocked supermarkets. We recommend Fotini and Spireas: their fruits and vegetables are of excellent grade, and they offer a rich range of locally-produced goods (like fresh farm eggs, honeys, cheeses, etc.). For bio products, check out Dimitra and the The Olive Shop.

You can find all kinds of accoutrements and gifts—from exquisitely hand-crafted fine art, to comfortable garments, jewellery, books…

The best hours to tour the shops is in the morning and in the evening (it gets a bit too hot from midday to mid-afternoon). And if you’re considering buying something that could end up being too big and bulky or fragile for the return trip, shipping can be arranged at nominal fee.