Routes and Directions

As easy as ABC. As simple as 123.

There are a number of ways to arrive here: you can come by car, board a ferry, catch a flight, take a bus or intercity coach—even cruise to the Mani. It all depends on how much time you have on your hands, how you enjoy travelling, and whether you like to hire a car or intend to use your own.


If you’re considering driving down, as many visitors do, from northern/western Europe, you can bypass the Western Balkans by taking one of the ferries that on a daily basis connect Italy (Venice, Ancona and Bari) to Greece (Igoumenitsa and Patras). Crossings are extremely comfortable, ships are fairly new, ticket prices are reasonable, and then driving from the port of Patras to the Mani is as easy as ABC.

If you’re instead planning to fly to Athens or Kalamata, intercity coaches and local buses are air-conditioned and comfortable, taxis are reliable and safe, and car rental rates are competitive.

Whatever way you choose to travel, journeying to the Mani is as simple as 123, and Greece is a country rich with colourful, detailed and exciting landscapes, so your voyage will be inspiring and pleasant.


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