Potamòs Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

Magical dragon beaches and emeraldine waters

It can get very busy during the high summer months, but the moment you leave the hustle-and-bustle of the village centre and make your way over to this end of Kardamili, you’re entering a completely different landscape. The magical seclusion of the draconic coves and emeraldine waters of Potamos Cove form the most perfect total getaway place.


A handful of excellent lodgings in this neighbourhood offer very comfortable stays. And a mild, temperate sea breeze often keeps everything from boiling over during the very hot weeks of summer, so it’s well worth putting aside some time to explore the area on foot, either during early morning or late afternoon. Potamos is a seaside wonderland of extraordinary geographical formations, fauna and flora, with many fascinating corners to see and enjoy.

From afar, the craigs and rocky outscrops look daunting and uncomfortable, but there are many spaces to roll out a mat and claim your spot. The local hotels also have decking in place if you prefer a more organised lounging environment (and these areas are, of course, reserved exclusively for hotel guests). Ladders have been installed at key points, to make access to and from the sea easy and pleasant. The utter peace here is inimitable. Above all, the waters at Potamos are splendidly clear and inviting—like diving into a beautifully clean, cool, viscous gel.

If you don’t fancy a swim and just want to explore, then we invite you to be brave… Venture out in the summer heat between 15:00 and 17:00, wearing a hat and a pair of sturdy sandals. There’s nothing like getting away from it all for an hour or two, to invigorate the senses and gain a fresh perspective on things.