About Kardamili Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

One of the south Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets

Kardamili (also spelt Kardamyli) is a small coastal village located in the Mani, a region of incandescent beauty in the south Peloponnese, the coastland of Greece defined by travel connoisseurs as the Peloponnesian Riviera.

Set theatrically against a colourful backdrop of aquamarine waters, majestic cypresses, wild olive groves, verdant rolling hills and distant snow-capped mountains, it is one of the prettiest of villages that look out on to the calm seas and spectacular sunsets of the Messinian Gulf.

3 hours and 30 minutes’ drive from either the capital of Athens or the port of Patras, and just 35 km from the nearby city of Kalamata, it remains one of the south Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets: a seaside resort that boasts stately villas, senescent stone towers, florid gardens, a picturesque harbour, beautifully-rugged beaches and splendid walks.

The area is noted for the richness and vibrance of its environment and the fortitude of its inhabitants. A valiant history drives the powerful narrative which to this day inspires all Maniots to an intrepidly independent spirit, and the Κardamylaìoi are distinguished for an élan that characterizes their own particular style: They can be fiercely idiosyncratic and yet strikingly cosmopolite. Many key figures in the village have studied, travelled and/or worked abroad extensively.

Kardamili also appeals and caters to different tastes: It is a favourite summer haunt of families and friends, a destination coveted by yachters, a mecca for alpine enthusiasts, trekkers and anthophiles, as well as a cultural and social hub for foreigners from all corners of the globe who visit regularly or enjoy holiday homes in the Municipality. This extended international community also includes renowned actors, athletes, artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists and writers.

Visitors come time and time again, for long week-end breaks, friendly get-togethers and family/group vacations, as well as for special yearly events, such as the Taygetos Challenge, the Kardamili Jazz Festival and the Kardamyli Literary Festival. Inspiring, unique and welcoming, Kardamili is an ideal place for holidays and long-term stays.