Village Centre Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

The charming crossroads

The ancient villages of Greece are hidden gems in a country that has attracted tourists for many decades. Despite Greece’s status as a prime travel destination, tourism has yet to spoil these towns that are steeped in history and offer a complete escape from the modern world.


For those wanting to experience authentic Greek village life, Kardamili’s village centre remains an easily-explorable, fascinating place in which to stay. All the neighbourhoods are linked together by a network of charming, narrow, winding cobblestone lanes and roads, some dating back to the 18th century, some of which can only be traversed by foot.

As well as being an utterly charming experience, staying in the village centre offers great convenience, as everything that the visitor may need or desire can be found right around a corner from one’s accommodation establishment. Brief strolls quickly lead to local supermarkets that have fresh groceries, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, splendid wines from organic vineyards, extra-virgin olive oil, and other essential items. And a constellation of café-bars and restaurants, as well as atéliers and boutiques ensures that visitors have a variety of dining and shopping options that cater to different preferences and tastes.

Walking through these ancient streets feels like stepping back in time. The architecture reflects centuries of Greek history and culture, with each house telling its own story. The villagers take great pride in preserving their heritage and have managed to maintain the authenticity of their village despite the pressures of tourism.

Visitors can spend hours exploring hidden corners, discovering quaint little shops that sell local crafts and traditional products. They can also quickly cross over to the Old Village and visit historical sites, such as the Byzantine church in the Citadel, and from there access ancient hiking paths that trail up the foothills to lookouts and vantage points with stunning panoramas.

The village centre offers a unique experience for travellers seeking an authentic glimpse into Greek history, culture and architecture, and Kardamili stands out as a place where visitors can immerse themselves in rich heritage while enjoying natural beauty.