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Beaches in the Municipality of Lefktro

Beaches to suit every fancy

The crystalline waters of the Municipality of Lefktro are exceptionally clear, warm and inviting, making it a delightful place to swim wherever you find yourself. No effluents are discharged into the surrounding sea and the beaches are generally very clean (guests, like locals, are kindly expected to respect the environment by doing their bit: when you leave a beach, make sure you take away everything you brought with you!). There are enough beaches to suit every fancy – whether you feel like splashing about with a crowd or having a quiet swim by yourself. Surfaces vary from fine gravel, to pebble, to rock, to sand, and there are lots of hidden little coves all along the coastline, so a day out at the beach can become a fascinating venture into the marine world.

Beaches in the Municipality of Lefktro

Lefktro north

















Lefktro south













Itilo (Municipality of Laconia)


Limeni (Municipality of Laconia)


Facilities and services

Beach: Location: Surface: Bars tavernas: Boat rentals: Loungers umbrellas: Parking:
Ritsa Kardamili Smooth pebble/sand
Salio Kardamili Dock/sand
Limanaki Kardamili Dock
Kalamitsi Kardamili Fine gravel/sand
Foneas Neo Proastio Fine gravel/sand
Delfinia Neo Proastio Fine gravel/sand
Kalogria Stoupa Sand
Stoupa Stoupa Sand
Halikoura Stoupa Sand
Gnospi Aghios Nikolaos Cove
Pantazi Aghios Dimitrios Sand
Malsova Aghios Dimitrios Fine gravel/sand
Katafighi Aghios Dimitrios Smooth slate
Trahila Trahila Dock
Itilo Neo Itilo Fine gravel/sand
Limeni Limeni Dock