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Offices and services in Kardamili

Need to withdraw cash from an ATM?

You're on holiday, and you needn't worry about being away from home... Or maybe you're considering buying a holiday home in the area, for investment purposes or so that you can spend more time in the Mani. Kardamili has all the modern-day general services you could possibly need – from banks and doctors, to architects, notaries and property consultants. In this section, you will find details about the offices and services at disposal in the village, including hours of business, names and telephone numbers. If this is your first time in Greece, do take a moment to read the practical information we have included, which contains some helpful answers to general queries you might have. If you're thinking of buying property in the Mani, the professional civil engineers and realtors included in these pages are the best in the area: they speak English and will gladly provide you with any information you require.

Offices and services in Kardamili






Municipal Hall




Post Office




Tourism Bureau













Real Estate


Travel Agency