Taxis in Mani

Private transportation

Taxi drivers in Greece used to be notorious for both their driving and overcharging, but things have changed a lot in the last few years: with European regulation firmly in place (and, more importantly, a new sense of pride and responsibility for the future of their country), Greek cab drivers nowadays are careful on the road and respectful of tourists who year after year flock to the country.


Because they are, in comparison with the rest of Europe, relatively inexpensive, taxis in Greece are an integral part of daily life. They provide convenient transportation options for locals and tourists alike. Whether it’s navigating through busy city streets or exploring the picturesque countryside, they serve as a common, popular and reliable mode of transport.

A brief note regarding tariffs: meters begin with a minimum charge, and surcharges may be applied for call-outs to airports, coach terminals and train stations, as well as for excess luggage weight.

For longer distances or special excursions, you can also book limovans.

Prices for taxis in Kardamili and Mani
Distance Travel time Tariff one-way
Kardamili ⇆ Kalamata 36 km 45 mins €  75
Kardamili ⇆ Kalamata Airport 47 km 55 mins €100
Kardamili ⇆ Athens or Piraeus 273 km 3 hrs 13 mins €275
Kardamili ⇆ Athens Airport 303 km 3 hrs 22 mins €325

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