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Events and exhibitions in the Mani

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The awesome landscapes and panoramas of the Mani are truly inspiring. The Municipality of Lefktro is the focal point for an extended community of talented and emerging artists who live and work in the region. Each year, for example, the village of Kardamili hosts a noted art exhibition that showcases some of the year's best installations and paintings, giving artists the opportunity to share their efforts and market their work, and small open-air concerts are often organized during summer in the spectacularly theatrical setting of its old hamlet. The Municipality also hosts a number of other artistic, cinematographic, literary, musical, and theatrical events its other villages, but there is plenty going on too in nearby Kalamata, the small new city that sees several important cultural dates every year, so if the arts are your thing, keep a lookout as there is always something interesting to enjoy. Another special aspect about Kalamata is its concern for sports. Sport here is considered a quality of life and the city does all that it can to foster a love of sport in its young people, being well-represented at every major sporting event. Dozens of clubs cater for football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, yachting, track and field events, and rhythmic and apparatus gymnastics. The Kalamata Football Club, which has for many years been in the upper reaches of the National First Division, has fully and generously equipped sports facilities and is a model association and constant attraction for youths. Because of the excellent climatic conditions and its state-of-the-art facilities, it is also regarded as one of the best centers for the training of athletes, and many Greek and foreign Olympic victors have chosen to train in Kalamata in recent years.

Events and exhibitions in the Mani

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