Old Village Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

An historic neighbourhood by the sea

The areas all around the Old Village offer picture-postcard scenes wherever the gaze settles. Accommodations on the foothill just above the citadel feature spellbinding panoramas, and a host of lodgings by the seafront below it yield colourful, enthralling views of rural Greece. Everywhere, there is something beautiful and fascinating to admire and capture—on camera, in a notebook, in a memory.


A winding network of pathways and lanes interconnect establishments with the village centre, traversing all across the neighbourhood, so it is the perfect place to stay if you intend to make your way around mostly on foot.

Strolls will unveil enchanting scenery wherever you go, be it morning, noon or night—it’s like walking around a fascinating megalithic theatre set.

This part of Kardamili also has comparatively little traffic, so it’s wonderfully quiet if you’re looking to enjoy some peace and fresh air.