Kàmpos-Ritsà Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

Lush groves and sapphire seas

This is an extraordinary place. A place that offers unique sights and sounds not just during summer, but in every season of the year.

It is a place that belongs entirely to Mother Nature: beautiful, indomitable, rugged, unyielding. There is no place more in contrast to the metropolis than here. And even simply walking here is a microscale experience of reignition: stark colours, blazing blues and glaring whites, invade your eyes with their defiance, and the sound of these pebbles crunching beneath your feet, their vibrations going up through your legs, revives your senses.


While this type of beach landform is most commonly found in Europe, pebble beaches are, in fact, actually quite rare.

Composed of thousands of rocks of varying geological quality, over time, powerful wave-actions from the sea naturally abrade the stones, shaping them into their round appearance and morphing them into spectacularly original landscapes. The pebbles of Ritsa Beach comprise almost entirely of highly-resistant minerals which are harder than steel—like chert, chalcedony, flint and quartz. The ecosystems formed by this unique association of rock, sea and sand allow colonization by a variety of rare species.

A generous choice of wonderful accommodations provide attentive but unobtrusive hospitality, either right by the beach or just a little further inland or slightly uphill, in the olive groves.