St. John’s Harbour The Limanàki Το Λιμανάκι του Αϊ Γιάννη

A treasure of timelessness

As you become more and more familiar with Kardamili, you will see images of this beautiful corner of Greece again and again: the gentle yaw of St. John’s Harbour, with its gracefully-weathered chapel and customs house (now converted into a private home) standing behind a colourful row of fishing caïques, and, just beyond it, the isle Meropi.

Dozens of different photographs, all captured from the same viewpoint, by different people, with different cameras, during different seasons, at different hours of the day.

The definitive shot perhaps remains still elusive, but St. John’s Harbour is one of Kardamili’s best-known focal points: a unique convergence of history, architecture, raw elements, Mother Nature and sunlight, all at once beautifully powerful in their timelessness.

A painter could not wish for a more idyllic setting, and the ambling contemplator will be welcomingly distracted by this splendidly theatrical setting.