The Areas Kardamyli Καρδαμύλη

The six neighbourhoods

Kardamili is a small village, with short walking distances—just 3 km from one end to the other.

This area is composed of six neighbourhoods: Potamòs and Kàmpos-Ritsà on the northernmost edge, the Old Village and Village Centre in the middle, and St. John’s Harbour and Kalamìtsi on the southernmost side.


The renowned focal points are the mystical citadel of the Old Village and the evocative anchorage of St. John’s Harbour, but all six neighbourhoods have favourable characteristics and fascinating landscapes that render each of them equally-prestigious as places to see and stay.

Geographical topology, the elements and architecture play prominent roles in Kardamili: they bend light, sculpt sound in concert, shift temperature and shape Mother Nature in unison to create the distinct ambiences in all these different areas of the village…

So, whereas certain visitors favour the magical seclusion of the draconic coves and emeraldine waters at Potamòs, others enjoy the liveliness of the pebble beach and sapphire seas at Kàmpos-Ritsà, and whereas many couples love the time-honoured romanticism of the St. John’s Harbour, other guests prefer the majestic peace and warm aquamarine shores of Kalamìtsi.

Around the Old Village, the views are picturesque, and in the Village Centre, the easygoing hustle-and-bustle offers engaging glimpses of typical daily life in rural Greece.