Architecture of Pixelation by Françoise de La Garde

This is an extraordinary amateur photographer. He loves taking pictures.


And, quite unlike many other photographers, he appears to enjoy taking pictures primarily for himself, to please his own eyes first. He doesn’t seem particularly interested in pandering to the sideline viewer.

He has a superb eye for composition and synthesis—and not just with regard to form and shape! Contrasts and textures also command his attention.

Elworthy’s post-production is excellent. This black-and-white, for example, is simply marvellous—an architecture of pixelation!

I feel he is a fable hunter. A story-teller. Different things can be happening in a single shot. In some images, he’s reporting something; in others, he’s delivering a message.

His work is genuine and magnetic. One is drawn into the image and its instance. He captures some of the essence of Greece.

Nigel Elworthy Photographer