Summer Music Festival by Burgi Bläuel, Artistic Director

What does your favourite kind of day here in the Mani include for you?

Burgi: Morning meditation. Joyful and healthy-happy making body morning exercises. Time to discover who I am. Gratitude to all I love and all beings. Contact with nature. A really good (for my body and senses) breakfast, as well as the best coffee ever! A good meeting with my staff in Sonnenlink, and to know everybody is well taken care of. With lightness and trust, everything is on the road.

Tell us about the Summer Music Festival, the inspiration behind it, the development process, its ethos.

Burgi: In 2011, Mani Sonnenlink & Bläuel Greek Organic Products started to expand activities towards music. The joy of beauty, of music, of togetherness has culminated into music and cultural events that embrace music, dance, cuisine, entertainment at a high level. In our work with the local harvesting and production of biological olive oil, the well-being of our region has always been the focus—the well-being of our farmers, our employees and our suppliers. We do something for the earth of our environment and we attract guests who value our area. This inspiration applies also in the Summer Music Festival. Greece is a source of great musicians. Our venue invites these jewels to perform. Many of them are very young, full of potential. Moreover, Kalamata itself hosts many great musicians and teachers. And they come to perform for us.

What can an audience expect from a typical event at the Summer Music Festival?

Burgi: Beauty and unity on all levels of body, speech and mind.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received regarding the Summer Music Festival?

Burgi: A renowned well-travelled world musician told me that it was the most beautiful venue and atmosphere that he has ever played at in his entire life.

It seems like an obvious question, but… What music do you yourself listen to?

Burgi: Everything which opens my heart and does not strain my nerves (or the nerves of others, I suppose!) and connects human beings. The better the sound qualitiy, the more my heart opens.

Tell us now also a little bit about bio-hotels… What can guests expect from a bio-hotel?

Burgi: Coming home and waking up.

Your establishment, the Sonnenhaus bio-hotel, has it all: A beautiful setting, an excellent location, marvellous views…

Burgi: And yoga and love and relaxation in the morning! And good communication with our guests! And the best guests ever! :-)

What would you say guests most enjoy about it?

Burgi: I would say that the Sonnenhaus has it all. We take care on all levels: Family feeling, group feeling, being free to join in and out any time, silence, beauty, awareness, good and heathy food, sustainability, views, vision. Every moment offers an opportunity for transformation.

As well as being an impresario, you are also a successful businesswoman. Which other business people or enterprises in the area do you admire?

Burgi: Ponireas, Elies Hotel, Aiolou Architects, BIS (organic food producer), Anokhi, the new boutique in Stoupa, Saranteas, the bicycle shop in Kardamili, Mariekaty, Androuvista.

What important lesson have you learned lately?

Burgi: To let go of being responsible for the happiness and well-being of everybody.

What skill would you like to learn and why?

Burgi: Musical, because it involves everything that makes me happy: Music, dance, singing, art, making people happy, as well as being good for the actor himself at any level of body/speech/mind.

If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?

Burgi: The present moment.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Burgi: How open their hearts are.

What’s your favourite Greek word?

Burgi: “Agàpi mou”.

Summer Music Festival by Burgi Bläuel