The Villages of the Mani Màni Μάνη

About the Municipality

The Municipality of West Mani [Greek: Δήμος Δυτικής Μάνης Dìmos Dytikìs Mànis] is a municipal region located in Messinia, a prefecture of the south Peloponnesus. The municipality comprises the western part of the Mani Peninsula.


The Municipality of West Mani was formed during local government reforms in 2011, by the merger of two separate municipalities formerly known as Avia and Lefktro.

Lefktro was itself first founded in 1835 (its centre being originally established in Lefktra, a hamlet near the village of Pyrgos), and its expansion began soon after, in 1840, when it joined the neighbouring communities of Milea, Thalames and Kastanea. Back then, the precinct comprised of forty-five villages.

Today, Kardamili is one of the sixty-nine villages that together constitute the West Mani province, and its Municipal Hall continues to serve as the administrative centre of the Municipality.

The Villages