Potamòs Walk Περίπατο

As I amble along Ritsa Beach heading towards Potamos Cove, a lovely scent of Eucalyptus fills my nostrils and I marvel at the colourful beauty that surrounds me. A stretch of large white and pale grey pebbles glare under the warm rays of the sun, and the azure sea gently laps against the shore, creating a soothing sound.

The beach is teeming with life: people swimming amongst gentle waves, children building pebble castles or splashing each other with echoing laughter, couples walking hand in hand along the shoreline, their footprints and talk disappearing with each ebb and flow of the tide. It is a scene straight out of a postcard.

As I continue my walk, I notice a feeling of peace washing over me, and the rhythmic sound of the sea and the cicadas drown out all stress and worries, leaving only tranquility in its wake.

Approaching Potamos Cove now, a salty breeze brushes my lips, refreshing body and soul. The locals collect salt here. This part of Kardamili offers contrasting scenery: to my right, cliffs covered in lush greenery and rolling hills dotted with colourful wildflowers create a vibrant tapestry against a perfectly blue sky; to my left, the sapphire sea has turned emerald is splashing around leady volcanic outcrops.

I cross over onto the crags and can’t resist removing my shoes and dipping my toes into the cool water. The sensation sends shivers up my spine and brings an indescribable joy to my heart. It reminds me of simpler times when life was carefree and full of wonder. I find a smooth spot amongst these jagged outcrops and stay a while, staring out at the horizon.

The sun sets and I then reluctantly make my way back from this idyllic paradise. I can’t help but feel grateful for this momentary escape from reality, which has given me more than just beautiful scenery; it gives me a sense of rejuvenation amidst life’s chaos. On this walk I step into a dream world where concerns melt away and nature’s beauty takes centre stage. It is a place where solace, peace and a renewed sense of appreciation for the simple joys in life greets me and embraces me.