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Hotels in Kardamili

Melitsina Village Hotel

Ample choice for your personal requirements

Hotel Esperides

Kardamili has several hotels, each in its own way special and unique. Maybe you like a place that has a swimming pool for the kids... Maybe you prefer something a little more intimate and quiet, with a lovely garden where you can read in peace... Or maybe you enjoy taking in splendid views whilst sipping an afternoon ouzo on the balcony.... Whatever your personal requirements and tastes are, you can be sure to find ideal lodgings in Kardamili that will render your stay extremely pleasurable and special. You can also check out our Top 10 page to see which hotels are particularly recommended.

Hotels in Kardamili

Hotel Vardia
Name: Lodgings: Guests: Kitchen: AC: TV: Internet: Beach: Pool: Bar: Garden: Parking:
Anniska 22 1-5    
Cardamili Beach 34 1-4    
Kalamitsi 35 1-5  
Liakoto 23 1-5