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Apartments and studios in Kardamili

Marina Studios

Autonomy and comfort

To Kastro Apartments & Studios

If you like the autonomy of a self-catering apartment or the simplicity of a studio, Kardamili has a wide selection of these available for guests. We emphasize that all apartments and studios in and around the village are good: clean, comfortable and well-equipped. Run by local families who have a keen sense of unobtrusive and yet attentive hospitality, they provide a homely and secure base for your forays in the Mani. You can also check out our Top 10 page to see which apartments and studios are particularly recommended.

Apartments and studios in Kardamili

Les Sirènes Studios
Name: Lodgings: Guests: Kitchen: AC: TV: Internet: Beach: Pool: Bar: Garden: Parking:
Antonia 3 1-5    
Chrysanthi 2 1-6    
Kastro Aggeliki 8 1-4      
Marina 4 1-2        
Riza 4 1-5      
Yvolvere 4 1-3        
Alkyoni 5 1-5